Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Friday, September 18, 2009

Unfinished Projects

Speaking of big stitch quilting...

I think this quilt might be a good one to try my hand at handquilting with perle cotton, what do you think? Sad to say it has been sitting around waiting to be quilted for a couple of years now and I solemnly vow before you all to get it quilted and on his bed BEFORE he graduates (in 5 So, does that mean that I need to get it quilted before I make a single wonky log cabin, or a zig zag quilt or finish my dresdan plates, or set up a block for nt applique from my new favorite book from Piece o' Cake? Hmmm...I might have to ponder that decision a bit more!! After all, I did make make copies of some of the flowers that I thought I could tackle and I purchased some fat quarters @ Craft Warehouse during lunch today all because I don't like what's in my stash anymore (now that I am getting a taste for designer fabric, thanks to the lovely fabrics you all are working with on and showing on your blogs) ...Oh, and now that you mention it, there is the yellow brick road that needs borders...and, and, and...I'm sure you can all identify with my plight! I think that I should have signed up for sew and tell to keep myself accountable : ) Perhaps, I should get this posted and plug myself into my iPod and get cracking at the sewing machine, after all it's not going to sew itself is it?


  1. LOL -- I have quilt tops from several years ago that I am just now having quilted by my friend who has a longarm. I always feel like I'm the only one who does that. I rush to finish the top, then fold it up and set it aside to start the next project.

    How do you like the quilting section of the Craft Warehouse in your area? I have a love/hate relationship with the one in Hillsboro. They do carry better quality fabrics than JoAnns, but sometimes the choices are not to my taste. Then, all of a sudden, they'll have a complete Amy Butler line. I've watched the different craft sections of the Hillsboro store grow and shrink depending on the popularity of a particular craft at the time. For example, beads used to be very small, got very large, and is now shrinking just a little. Scrapbooking is cutting back, but yarns and knittings is getting bigger. It seems to me that they are reducing the size of the quilting area to make more room for yarns; however, I overheard an employee in the quilting section telling a group of ladies that sometimes the quilting section is the only profitable section in the store. So -- why make it smaller? Anyway, I sometimes browse there on Tuesday evenings while my son has a guitar lesson nearby. I swear that right now their fabrics are all very dull, muted tones. I think it used to be much better (at least at this store).

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I was directed to your blog by another appliquist(?). I am right there with you in wanting to perfect my hand applique. Maybe we can travel this road together. You can contact me through my website:

  3. Great quilt. It will look good in a big stitch.
    We all have those quilts laying around waiting to be put together.