Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Friday, July 17, 2009

Well, it is finally Friday! I am soooo happy that the weekend is finally here and can't wait to get sewing. I need to put the borders on my YBR that needs to go to Alex up in Spokane so I need to ge a move on, but I have put in 12 hrs of OT in at work and don't get home until 9:30, so that definitely puts a damper on things. So, since my husband is working Saturday, my goal is to sew! he is off Sunday and we are headed to Mt Rainier to hopefully take some pictures and just get out of town. Now that I have been truly inspired by some of the blogs that I follow, it will remind me to take my hexagons along to work on in the car on the drive up...I hope the weather is nice and the mountain is out, oh and the flowers are blooming. Up until just recently there has been a pile of snow in the meadows around Paradise, but now the sun has warmed things up and it is lush and green, can't wait to see it! Since I haven't taken pictures of my quilts, I will leave you with some of my photographs. Oops well, I guess you get the pictures first! Until I get this blog thing figured out...there you go, but now I need to get myself ready for work...TTFN!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brand New to this Blogging Thing

Well...never done a blog before, so here I am, typing to nobody in particular really! But I have found some wonderful women who make gorgeous quilts and now I am inspired, so instead of typing this I should be quilting! The house is quiet, it's Saturday am, the kids are still snoozing and hubby's at work weighing trucks. Now the question is this, do I hit the remodel sale at JoAnn's and splurge on a new book (they don't have the Kim Diehl that I want of course) or should I get to work on the Yellowbrick Road that I want to get the top finished by this weekend...there is someone who REALLY needs it...I have a coupon for 50% off one item and 20% off the total purchase, now that's a bargain, maybe I will throw on some makeup and decent clothes and head out and then come back and get started! Sounds like a I go! But first, here is a pic of the fabrics I am using on the Yellowbrick Road quilt.