Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Monday, May 21, 2012

I"m Loving It!!

Oh, the excitement is building, well at least for me it is! I am really loving the way this quilt is fact I can't stop gazing at it...not sure if that is a good thing or not, but I can't stop just the same!   The inspiration originally came from this quilt, I adore  the rick rack that separates the quadrants...the concept is brilliant...and I was going to do the same...but now I'm thinking not. I like the effect of the sunbursts dividing up the space instead, which works out well in that it won't totally match the inspiration quilt and will make this one unique to me. The next challenge lies in the borders and the quilting, not to mention the deadline that looms ahead.  My goal is to finish this up with time to spare, BEFORE the evening of June 14th preferably! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Now Available for Napping...Camper Quilt is Finished!

Yikes! Amy's Creative Side's Blogger's Quilt Festival crept up on me once again...this time with too many projects half finished to have an entry done in time...or so I thought.  After getting my stitch on for the last two days in an extreme effort to get the Camper quilt done (partially so I would have an entry, but mostly because my DH had to work the weekend) here she is all bound and ready to be washed and napped under! I wouldn't say that the quilt as you go method is one of my favorite ways to construct a quilt, but in terms of making a large, bed-sized quilt on my machine, it's the only way to go. I love the camper fabric that comprises the middle of each block, it was pretty much the inspiration for this project in the first place. I found the fabric on, I'm not sure if it's available there still, but I have seen it on Ebay recently.  The multitude of fabrics that gave it it's scrappy appeal came from various swaps that were participated in and fat quarters that I had collected for a year or two...and that's what I'd have to say that I love best about the quilt, all the fun fabrics!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here's What I've Come Up With is where I gained the inspiration for the quilt in progress that ultimately will benefit a young lady who has relapsed in her fight with leukemia and now needs a marrow transplant. Seattle Children's Hospital put together this video: in which Abi is one of the patients featured, she will be the young lady at the very beginning and then later on is the one dancing in the panda sweatshirt. Her School Resource Officer (Deputy Joe) with whom I work has organized for the second year a golf tournament whose proceeds go to her family to help with the expense of her treatment. Last year I had the honor of snapping photos of each team and the tournament as a whole.  This year I have committed not only to photos, but a quilt and a basket full of Mary Kay products for auction at the dinner following the 18 holes of golf.  Last year, the family received $7,000...this year we Joe hopes to rock the total by so much more! I am humbly honored even to be involved...honestly, having lost my MIL to leukemia this last October, I just wish I could do so much more for a young woman who I have never met...all I know is that it is a devastating disease and this vibrant young lady deserves a chance at life and all the promise that it holds. If you'd like to make a difference, perhaps give some thought to registering to be a bone marrow donor at: I have!