Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All By Myself...

On this lovely Sunday, my husband was at work, the boys were at hunter's safety class and I had A LOT of time on my hands...alas, I was all by myself. After throwing together lunches, getting everyone up and out the door, I treated myself to a well-deserved nap (5:30 is NOT my idea of an ideal time to be awake, especially on a weekend) checked to see what you all have been up to, turned on iTunes and broke out the sewing machine.

You see, I have to keep it safely stored under my sewing desk...due my darling rambunctious black cocker,named VooDoo, who thinks it's great fun to chase the cat over the back of the couch, across my sewing desk and around the house...earlier this year, he missed the cat, but sent my sewing machine flying, thus breaking the flywheel and the computer! My DH insisted that I do something that I try to NEVER do and that is to pay full price for anything ESPECIALLY a sewing machine!'s a good thing that I love that dog!!! but I don't think I talked to him for a couple of days : )

Anyhoo...a dear swap-bot partner included some lovely scraps along with the 5" noodle that we were supposed to swap and I decided to put them to good use. And, to kill 2 birds w/1 stone, I put a 4" border around it to allow the addition of some applique flowers, leaves & vines from my new Piece O' Cake book. That way I haven't technically "started" any new quilts! By the time I got the wonky block done though, it was time to p/u my DH from work and wait for the phone call that announced that we have a new hunter in the family!

To finish out my somewhat productive day, I finally decided on a background for the dresdan quilt, but first I had to do a little searching on Ebay for some more fabric. Craft Warehouse only had a little over 2 yds of it and that will only be enough for 10 blocks, I would like at least 12, was hoping for 16-20...but 12 will do!


  1. Your dog is very pretty and has a very shiny coat.
    Love your block.

  2. I like the background fabric you chose for your Dresdan plates. I think that is going to be an outstanding looking quilt.

  3. Voo Doo does have that mischievous gleam in his eye. I love your ideas for the log cabin, that sounds so good and the dresden is fabulous on that background. What a great choice.

  4. Such a modern looking Dresden plate....I really like it!! Can't you get so much done when the boys are away???!!!...My son's away at the moment and when my hubby's at work, boy oh boy...!!!!!
    Voodoo looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.........hehehe!!!
    ;o) Wendy B

  5. REally LOVE this dresden plate
    just beautiful.
    Can't wait to see more
    and the log cabins well I love log cabin quilts
    so keep going love your ideas.