Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things are beginning to come together

I have a couple of projects in progress at the moment as I'm sure many of you are familiar with and in the same boat. I am quite happy to report that all 36 qayg squares are now finished and a row is assembled. Originally, this endeavor was begun with the intention of making a quilt for the double bed in the bungalow (the affectionate term for our camp trailer). Upon auditioning it upon the bed in my room (which is a queen) it occurred to me that a quilt in the camper would only be used a few months out of the year, why not make it big enough to be used in the master bedroom? I am super excited to get it put together, it looks amazing and I am mostly happy with the way the squares have turned out.  There will be a bit of tweaking to be done when assembling the rows, some of the last rounds of the squares are a bit skinnier than is pleasing to my eye, but we shall see how it looks as I go along, I am being totally flexible on this one and am not opposed to ripping anything out if things don't look quite right. 
Here are just a few of the 36...I absolutely LOVE the bright colors and I think that I've mentioned before that my hubby picked out the center motif fabric on He has been kind of cute, allowing me extra sewing time by making dinner and doing the dishes and clean-up after the meal...I truly am a VERY lucky girl in that department! With salmon fishing and the first official camping trip of the season closing in quickly, I do need to get busy getting this put together. I have yet to find appropriate backing fabric and have found some fun western and camping fabrics on Equilter, but I really do prefer backing my quilts with flannel...we shall see.
On another front, here is a preview of the handquilting on my Modern Bento Block Swap quilt. I am trying large stitch, without a hoop, perle cotton, quilt it in sections quilting...something totally new and hopefully easier than trying to hand quilt the completed top assembled method...hey, whats the worst that can happen? If things don't work out to my liking, it can always be modified, I do have a large hoop to slip it into if need be...don't you just love an adventure into the unknown?!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Give me the internet

Or give me death...well it feels like death...dang but I miss the net! I can live without the phone (it would be heaven actually) I think I could even live without the tv (I really only listen to it anyway)my iPod is a different story by the way...but since we have been experiencing "difficulties" with an un-named cable company (ahem Charter)who in my opinion is incapable of simple accounting...finding an economical replacement has been a bit of a challenge! In the meantime, I've been jonesing for my Blogspot, Ebay, iTunes, even Webmd! Thank goodness for my Blackberry b/c amazingly enough the public Library doesn't allow access to Blogspot (adult content). The good mews is that Frontier shipped the motem via 2 day UPS today so we shoul be back in business by Tuesday...the lack of net access has afforded a bit of a silver lining though an I have been rocking my qayg squares with only 7 more to complete before I can assemble the rows...AND show you more pictures!!! Which brings me to the following announcement...further pictorial enhancement will again resume upon the arrival of my soon-to-be favorite man in brown whom we shall aptly name (feel free to fill in the blank since I can't come up with a catchy starts with a U and rhymes with UPS male surname...until Tuesday boys and girls toodles!