Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'd Say It Was a Productive Weekend

Phew but it's been a whirlwind  couple of days, this girl had some serious stitch going on! DH had to work Saturday so after (ahem) sleeping in until 10:30 (yikes, haven't done that in forever!) I spent the last two days camped in front of my machine stitching away...except for the time spent sitting in bed finishing off the last of the applique catching a little tv and trying to stay heck but it was chilly enough to wear a sweatshirt in the house yesterday (and yes, I refused to turn on the heat!)  But enough about our streak of nasty weather, as non-typical for June as it has dresden top is finished and I love it! It finished up to be lap-sized, measuring 66x68" and a bit smaller, I'm sure once it's washed and dried...Now, if the quilting fairy would just show up to finish up  this lovely little gem I would be a happy girl. Unfortunately, being the realist that I am (sigh) I'll just resign myself to a few more days of work to get this quilted, bound, washed, dried and ready to donate on Friday ( usual, I'm cutting it close)...tomorrow  my mission is to venture off to JoAnn's for backing, a solid flannel I think and I'm not even sure what for the binding, I just haven't thought that far ahead yet. For now though, I have an early morning ahead of me, so I'll be signing off and heading to bed...goodnight all!

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