Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On the Road Again

We're back home again, having been in Lincoln City for the past 4 days. The ocean was so peaceful and as relaxing (well, as relaxing as sharing a cottage at the Ester Lee with your husband, 2 boys and 2 dogs can be). The weather for the first two and a half days was spectacular, sunny, mid seventies with beautiful ended in a drizzle, but it was way better than 104 in the shade!

Sunday morning we were up at the crack of dawn to make sure that Ryan got up in time to leave for Newport for his halibut fishing excursion. We snuggled back, deep in the covers and were drifting back to sleep, when the phone eyes snapped open, fearing the worst, as any mother might imagine as her 17 year old takes off on an adventure on his own. Well okay, so Ryan hadn't wrapped his car around a tree or ran off a cliff into the ocean and he had made it safely to the Tradewinds Charters...he was calling to apologetically (profusely, I might add) tell us that he had also discovered that the keys to the Endeavor were safely stowed in his pocket instead of on the counter at the hotel! Logically, one might just say, no problem we've got a spare and will head down to Newport to pick it up when we get up and enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast...hah!! But no...we don't have a spare set of keys and Newport is a 25 minute cab ride away...a $50 one way cab ride away!

Thankfully, the keys were at the front desk of the charter company and thankfully, the cabbie took pity and only charged Jay one way...but it still cost $50 and it still made our morning much more frantic (we had also promised Tanner that he could go salmon fishing at 12:30 in Depot Bay), but alas, we got the keys, Jay made it back to the cottage and Tanner made it to his fishing adventure on time (looking a bit apprehensive as the boat pulled away from the dock) So, Jay and I having the whole day ahead of us, look at each other and wonder, "what should we do with ourselves today?" Hah again! Just as we were heading into Lincoln City to enjoy ourselves, Ryan called to say that the boat had limited out and was heading back in and yes he caught a halibut (all 28" of it...not the monster I was hoping for, but it will make a couple of nice meals)

Screech! turn the bus around...we are Newport bound, to snap some pics of the mighty fisherman and his prize before it is filleted and vacuum sealed for posterity. Having done that, it's back to the cottage to place the prized fish in the freezer to enjoy later, relax a bit, hear about the adventure and wait for Tanner's call. About an hour later, we got just that and once again, pointed the wagon south, this time towards Depot Bay. We arrive, the cell phone rings again...maybe, we're not on the way back just yet...(the skipper wants to limit everybody out and Tanner has landed his just yet) an hour and a half later, some silly pictures of Jay and Ryan while we wait and lo an behold, in comes the Season w/PC Tuna on board...snap, snap, snap of the weary angler and we are off to Newport to p/u Ryan's car...I was so happy to make it back to the cottage and get out of the car that I almost kissed the blacktop!!

So, I didn't get my relaxing day alone w/my hubby...I suppose those days are yet to come and I can't wait.. but I am reminded that Ryan is testing his wings and this being his senior year, he will soon be doing his own thing, so I need to cherish the time and the testosterone that surrounds me constantly...

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