Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Monday, May 18, 2015

There's Been Some Swapping Going On

 Hello, my name is Andrea and  I have a confession to make...uhhh, yeah, ummm it seems that I have found a new addiction, as if  my love of fabric wasn't bad enough...but now swapping mini quilts on Instagram is on my radar and I just can't seem to resist!

Currently, I am signed up for no less than three, ahem, make that four swaps...the Ana Maria Horner Mini quilt swap, the Cotton & Steel Mini quilt swap, Around the World Craft Swap and the Hand Pieced Mini Swap.  There is just something about the idea of surprises coming to me in the mail from Instagrammers that I admire from as close as a few states away to as far away as Europe and further abroad that just piques my interest.

It's that and the fact that I am more prone to push my quilting comfort zone in giving new techniques a try on something small, yet not having to commit myself to a whole quilt that is just well, appealing to me.  The hard part, as you can imagine, is giving the new creation away AND praying that my partner loves it! There is also the added benefit where a part of me feels like I am part of a secret club...okay well not secret or exclusive, but... you get the drift!

It all started when I took the leap and joined the Schnitzelandboo mini swap and I created this...
I have learned a few things along the way: 1. Paper piecing isn't that scary, 2. When you can't find the right pattern (that's free), altering one that is (free) really is liberating, 3. Curved seams are do-able with the right glue stick, youtube video and a little patience, 4. I apparently work well under pressure and on a deadline and...5. There is inspiration EVERYWHERE and it can keep you up at night trying to decide which one to try.

Next, came the Bitches get Stitches swap and the Spring Fling mini swap (pictured above).  My partner for Bitches get Stitches wanted a journal cover, so I gave it a go, the end product, however, could have used a little more tweeking.  The nice thing about swaps though, is that they are open to all skill levels and while, my cover wasn't the best thing that ever came out from under my presser wasn't horrible either! I had a GREAT time improving the flowers, leaves and the free motion quilting.

 With all that being said, now I have the added bonus of having an entry in the mini category and the modern category of the Blogger's Quilt Festival...go on over and take a look and vote for your favorites in all categories!


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