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Skagit Valley Sprint

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Day Late?...Maybe, but I'm a Happy Mom just the same!

About noon on Monday, while attempting to fish at a place not very near here, the phone rang.  It was my OB calling to tell us to stop what we were doing and get our fannies down to John Day.  He, my parents and another fishing buddy, affectionately named "Brucie" couldn't seem to keep a pole in the water for all the fish they were catching. In essence, they had caught 5 adult Chinooks and a Jack and lost or had to release 10 more, which is a beyond-awesome day of fishing! Each person is allowed 2 adults and 4 Jacks (but once you catch your 2 adults, fishing is over for the day for you)
Being an obedient sibling, we loaded up and headed South!
Upon arrival, we disembarked the vehicles, said our hellos and the next thing heard was the clanging of a bell and sweet music to my ears when my OB yelled "fish on"!
There was a lull in the activity for about an hour and a half...some napping occurred (that's my Daddy and OB) more quilting was done on the Modern Bento Swap quilt, the second section is all but finished...a barge went by and DH caught one!

After that excitement, a sucker was caught, a sturgeon was hooked and cut free before it peeled all the line off the reel and Brucie hooked into and fought  about a 35lb wild fish that had to be released, then it was time for dinner and the trip home.  All in all, a VERY good day of fishing!!!  Sadly, the season ends today for Springer season below John Day, but I couldn't be happier with the late Mom's Day fish!!!

Can you guess what's on the menu tonight??? That my friends, is heaven on the bbq!!! 

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