Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Friday, February 11, 2011

Give me the internet

Or give me death...well it feels like death...dang but I miss the net! I can live without the phone (it would be heaven actually) I think I could even live without the tv (I really only listen to it anyway)my iPod is a different story by the way...but since we have been experiencing "difficulties" with an un-named cable company (ahem Charter)who in my opinion is incapable of simple accounting...finding an economical replacement has been a bit of a challenge! In the meantime, I've been jonesing for my Blogspot, Ebay, iTunes, even Webmd! Thank goodness for my Blackberry b/c amazingly enough the public Library doesn't allow access to Blogspot (adult content). The good mews is that Frontier shipped the motem via 2 day UPS today so we shoul be back in business by Tuesday...the lack of net access has afforded a bit of a silver lining though an I have been rocking my qayg squares with only 7 more to complete before I can assemble the rows...AND show you more pictures!!! Which brings me to the following announcement...further pictorial enhancement will again resume upon the arrival of my soon-to-be favorite man in brown whom we shall aptly name (feel free to fill in the blank since I can't come up with a catchy starts with a U and rhymes with UPS male surname...until Tuesday boys and girls toodles!

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