Skagit Valley Sprint

Skagit Valley Sprint

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Almost There...almost

12 wonky blocks, all framed in white, made up over the weekend, with the ever-helpful tutorial by Quilt Dad and I love them!! Now here's the dilemma...I only made 12 when I probably should have done 16-20 to come up with something a little bigger than a lap quilt. Oh...the pressure of a decision (it always seems to come to that for me) should I make 4 more? separate them w/lattice? add a wide border? I guess what I am trying to achieve here is to think out of the box and do something a little different for me...hmmm, perhaps I will ponder for this one for a bit...btw, does anyone know what I did with the battery charger for my camera??? I haven't been able to find it anywhere since we came home from our frolic in the woods...another perplexing : )
Oh, and before I go...did you know that Blue is Bleu , bitty bits & pieces AND Mrs. Schmenkman are all having wonderfule giveaways??? You should go check them out, they include Amy Butler Love!!!!


  1. These are fun! And very similar to my "New Life" quilt pattern. You can take a peek at it at I've only ever assembled mine with sashing, sometimes adding cornerstones in a variety of colors. To make your quilt larger, why don't you set them on point? You could even add alternating plain blocks and make it even bigger.

    Maybe your camera went hunting in the woods. You know "point and shoot"? Bad joke...groan.

  2. Awesome blocks, so cheerful and I love wonky. Good luck finding the charger.

  3. I would add sashing of your favorite color, or make that scrappy too
    and a border.
    adding the sashing of one color will help pull the blocks together and a border, hmm maybe with a bit of applique???

  4. I would set your blocks apart w/some shashing, maybe in that great red or turquoise that you used in the blocks, and add a solid border to frame those great blocks.